I provide advisory services to help you and your company increase the chances of success of your digital product.

My name is Joaquim Torres (Joca). I’m a computer engineer and I’ve been working with digital products for almost 30 years.

These are some of the product management topics we can talk about:

  • Deciding what product to launch.
  • How to develop this new product.
  • How to launch this new product.
  • Building a product vision.
  • Defining a product strategy.
  • Organizing your product development team.
  • Diversifying your product portfolio.
  • Managing your product portfolio.
  • Defining the pricing.
  • Taking end-of-life decisions.

I’ve been using my almost 30 years of experience to help companies with their digital product development strategies. Companies I’m currently helping:

  • Gympass, a wellness benefit that offers unlimited access to thousands of gyms, studios, and activities worldwide, helping people find an activity they love. I’m currently General Manager of Gympass Wellness business unit which provides an application package with more than 60 apps for those looking for options to improve physical and mental well-being (from nutrition to the therapy session). Prior to that, I was Gympass CPO.
  • Aliança Hospitalar, specialized in accelerating financial and operational results for Brazilian hospitals.
  • ClickBus, the leading online agent of bus travel in Brazil with more convenience and agility.
  • James, the delivery platform from Grupo Pão de Açúcar.
  • Magnetis, an online Brazilian service that offers digital solutions for individuals to build long-term investment plans.

Other companies I’ve assisted:

  • Conta Azul, the leading Cloud Accounting platform in Brazil, connecting SMBs to their accountants and everything they need to organize their business and be successful. 
  • Locaweb, Brazil’s leader in web hosting and SaaS applications like email marketing and online store. 
  • Vindi, online payments Brazilian fintech focused on recurring collection and billing.
  • MaxMilhas, a travel and tour company based in Brazil that mediates transactions allowing people across Brazil to select economic packages and join with a variety of mileage programs.
  • FunRetro, a free retrospective board for remote teams. More than 37,000 retrospectives were made in more than 70 countries.
  • Geofusion, Brazil’s leader in geomarketing SaaS products, helping its customers identify markets, understand their own customers, check competitors, manage field sales territories, and take better decisions.
  • Eventials, a Brazilian webinar platform connecting presenters with a varied portfolio of content to viewers interested in all sorts of topics.
  • Astrea, cloud-based software for Brazilian lawyers and legal offices to help them gain productivity through the use of technology.
  • Alura, an online Brazilian education service focused on technology-related courses.

You can know more about me on Linkedin.

You can contact me through email or WhatsApp.

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