Talks and workshops

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To help spread my digital product management learning, I give presentations about the following topics:

  • What is product management
  • Leadership tips for the product manager
  • The 4 life stages of a product
    • How to recognize?
    • What to do?
  • Relationship between product management and other areas of the company (Engineering, UX, Sales, Marketing, Legal, Finance, Customer Support, Operations, HR)
  • Difference between product management and project management
  • Difference between product management and product marketing
  • Diversification vs focus
  • How to manage a product portfolio
  • What kind of company needs software product management
  • The role and responsibilities of a Head/VP of Product
  • Creating product vision and strategy
  • How to organize your product development team

These presentations can range from 15-minutes talks to 8-hour workshops. Can be online or face-to-face. In the workshops, besides talking about some of the topics above, I also coordinate some practical exercises to help people get hands-on experience with some product management tools and practices.

These presentations are offered either publicly in major events or in-company. The in-company model enables several people from your company to participate, thus helping to equalize knowledge about digital product management and development.

Some talks

QCon 2018

Product Camp – 2018
Talking Digital – 2014
ux.agility TIPS

If you are interested, please contact me through email or WhatsApp.