It doesn't matter who had the idea

Sometimes I find myself in an argument trying to show that my idea may be beneficial to the group or organization but the person I’m talking to is stuck with his point of view. In such scenarios it is hard to find an agreement. Both parties believe that their ideas are the best options. And part of this perception is due to the idea ownership sense. “If it is my idea, it surely is the best option”.

The situation described above reminds me of the movie entitled “My Big Fat Greek Wedding“. There’s an interesting scene where the main character, Toula, and her mother tried to convince her father, the patriarch of a very traditional Greek family, that Toula should leave the family business, a restaurant, learn how to work with computers and start working at her aunt business, a travel agency. They failed, so they decided to change their approach. Instead of convincing the father that it was a good idea, they made the father have the idea. As soon as the father has the idea and believes it’s his idea, Toula can move on with her new work.

If you prefer, you can download the mp4 file.

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