Behind every “what”, “how” and “when” there’s a “why”

Some people are only concerned with “whats”, “hows” and “whens”.

However, behind every “what”, every “how” and every “when” there’s a “why”.

Knowing the “whys” is one of the three pillars of motivation – autonomy, mastery and purpose. “Why” is the basis of “purpose”.

Knowing and communicating the “whys” is also one one of the two roles of leadership – setting context and removing impediments. “Why” is the basis of “setting context”.

So the next time you are working on something, besides knowing “what”, “how” and “when” try also to know “why” and, as soon as you know “why”, make this “why” clear to the rest of the team. And don’t forget to remember the “why” every now and then, because sometimes people forget it.

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