#BoS2011 day 3 notes

Today was day 3 of Business of Software 2011, aka, #BoS2011. Checkout my notes on day 1 and day 2 if you haven’t done that yet.

Again good speakers and interesting topics, but again nothing really new for those who follow product management, agile software development and startup related feeds.

I guess the good thing of attending BoS is not exactly the content, that you can get through the net. It’s the opportunity to meet in person lots of people from the software industry and exchange experiences and opinions.

Below are some tweets and references. And again from the number of tweets it’s easy to spot the talks that brought me more new stuff. 😛

Paul Kenny

  • Introverts think in order to speak. Extroverts speak to help them think. @PaulKennyOL at #BoS2011.
  • Introversion and extroversion are preferences, not boxes we are stuck in. @PaulKennyOL at #BoS2011
  • My close suggestion: is there anything we can do to help you make a decision? Inspired by @PaulKennyOL at #BoS2011
  • A nice close RT @GaryAres: #bos2011 For everything you have heard so far is there any reason we cannot do business?
  • Use the NOs in a sales closing as a learning experience and ask: do you mind telling me why? @PaulKennyOL at #BoS2011.
  • When you ask, wait for the answer. @PaulKennyOL at #BoS2011.
  • @paulkennyol A lot of businesses failed from not asking than from asking #BoS2011
  • There’s much more to learn from qualified no than from unqualified yes. Ask questions to work on closing that deal! @PaulKennyOL #BoS2011
  • Asking aids the decision making process. @PaulKennyOL at #BoS2011.
  • #BoS2011 @PaulKennyOL Closing is the natural progression in the conversation… Feels weird if you do not ask for a decision…
  • Closing is what you do for a customer and not to a customer. @PaulKennyOL at #BoS2011.
  • @PaulKennyOL “Sales Constipation could happen because your don’t want to hear what they have to say about your product.” #BoS2011
  • You can’t have delighted customers without customers in the 1st place. Techies- close your deals!! @paulkennyol #bos2011
  • We need to stop “unteaching” our kids on how to be entrepreneurs. @PaulKennyOL at #BoS2011.
  • Kids know how to close. @PaulKennyOL at #BoS2011.
  • We don’t like closing. @PaulKennyOL at #BoS2011 Google “Alec Baldwin ABC” to see how not to do it.
  • @paulkennyOL You are a founder therefore you are a salesperson #BoS2011

You can find more at Product Principles blog: The Art of Asking

Paul Kenny (@PaulKennyOL)

Paul Kenny (@PaulKennyOL)

David Cancel

  • A customer suggests you a feature. You reply “great suggestion, will cost X”. The customer says “oh, ok. I don’t need it”. @dcancel #BoS2011
  • Average conversion rate in the us is 2% (for Elephants or iPods) via @google #bos2011 via @dcancel (via @johnprendergast)
  • @ProductPrincipl you are amazingly fast! 🙂 #BoS2011
  • It’s not about the data. It’s about the learning so you can make your customers happier. @dcancel at #BoS2011.
  • @dcancel presenting churn, NPS and cohort at #BoS2011.
  • Shared metrics == clear feedback loops #bos2011 via @dcancel
  • “Go do it” “Do it faster” “Do both” #jfdi @dcancel at #BoS2011
  • Optimize your business for learning, not data. #bos2011 via @dcancel
  • “Data alone is useless” – thank God someone said it. #BoS2011
  • We have an strategic plan. It’s *doing* things. #JFDI. @dcancel at #BoS2011.
  • In God we trust; for the rest bring data. @dcancel at #BoS2011.

You can find more at Product Principles blog: Creating a Data-driven Business

Dave Cancel (@dcancel)

Dave Cancel (@dcancel)

Alexis Ohanian

  • “Your UX tells me how much you respect me.” – @kn0thing #BoS2011
  • How can you make the world suck less with software? @kn0thing at #BoS2011.

Alexis Ohanian (@kn0thing)

Alexis Ohanian (@kn0thing)

And to end the conference, chinese grab-and-go food. My chines fortune cookie says: “You income will increase.” with that typo! It’s not saying “your income…”. It says “you income…”. I wonder what that means. 🙂

I suggested @SGBlank, @Cagan, @JurgenAppelo and Roy Singham, ThoughtWorks founder and chairman, as speakers for next year.

Now flying back home.

See you in #BoS2012.

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