The book is on the table

“The book is on the table” is a phrase that every Brazilian who learns English is faced with when learning about use of preposition in English language. Hence the title of this article. 🙂

However, the book is not on the table. The is at LeanPub. Paulo Caroli is translating my book on Software Product Management that I wrote in Portuguese and launched in Brazil last year.


Our main objective with this translation is to increase the number of books on Software Product Management available for readers all over the world. The are not many books on the topic, even in English, and we believe the content of this book is useful for people in the software industry not only in Brazil but anywhere in the world.

We are working on the first chapters but as we progress we are already releasing the content. If you want to see the work in progress, please visit the book page at LeanPub.

And if you have friends who don’t read in Portuguese but are interested in Software Product Management topic, please feel free to point them to Product Management: Delight your customers with your software. Still in beta but already with valuable content. Feedback is always welcome!

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