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Back in March I was invited by DanMarcell and Bruno to be part of a very interesting project they were initiating called PM3, an online product management course in Portuguese with 40+ hours taught by top tier Brazilian product management professionals. I accepted the invitation and taught 3 classes:

  • Introduction: covering topics such as what is product and product management, the difference between a product and a platform, and the life cycle of a product.
  • Skills: where I present not only the skills need by a product manager but also some leadership tips to lead by influence and I describe how product managers relate with other areas.
  • PM leadership: roles and responsibilities of a Product Management leadership position and the concepts, principles and tools that support these roles and responsibilities.

Both Introduction and Skills classes were somewhat easy to prepare since they were based on material from my books on Product Management in Portuguese (there’s an English version being translated) and on Startup also in Portuguese.

The third topic on PM leadership that we recorded last Saturday was not that easy to prepare. Even though I knew the topic from my 25+ years of experience, I’ve never set time apart to organize my learnings in a way I could pass it to other people so it definitely took me some considerable more effort to prepare this class. And I’m grateful to DanMarcell and Bruno for that because by making me put the effort to organize the knowledge on product management leadership make me realize that I have material to complete my trilogy. As everyone knows, a real book author has to publish at least a trilogy! ­čśŤ

Joking aside, during the preparation of the material came the idea of writing a new book called “Software product development management: the science and art of leading software product development teams”. My plan is to launch it by mid-2019. I have some of the material already published as articles here on Linkedin or in my blogs. I intend to release the book simultaneously in English and Portuguese.

Please feel free to comment below or send my an email with any topics you want me to cover in this book, so I can check if I’m not letting any important topic out.

Now, let the writing begin!

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