Defeating inactivity in practice

Last Thursday I went to Drogasil using Gympass t-shirt. After I got my medicine, the girl who helped me asked if I worked at Gympass. She explained that she downloaded the app because she was informed that she received this amazing benefit from the company she worked for, but she didn’t find the prices so attractive.

I helped her sign up correctly. She signed up as a if she was not a Drogasil employee, so she was not benefiting from the discounts Drogasil was giving her as part of the Gympass benefit. When she saw the amazing prices Drogasil and Gympass were able to put together so she could access an incredible network of thousands of gyms, she got impressed and very happy! Her colleague, who was not aware of the Gympass corporate benefit, got interest, but dared us to find gyms close to her neighbourhood, Parelheiros. We found no only one, but more than five, including one that she knew. She got so excited that she signed up immediately.

Then came the manager. I got concerned because maybe I was distracting her employees. She asked “why didn’t you invited me to this interesting conversation about easy access to gyms?”.

It was so nice to practice my new purpose in the front line! (:

If your goal is to reduce your risk of death, move your body.

If your goal is to improve your health, move your body.

If your goal is to feel better, move your body.

If your company doesn’t provide you Gympass, this amazing wellness benefit that gives you hundreds of options to be more active and move your body, send this link to your HR friend:


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