8 de agosto, 2023

Produtizando exceções

Se você tem um produto B2B focado em clientes maiores, a pessoa gestora de produto deve estar totalmente atenta às solicitações especiais. Os clientes são poucos, […]
17 de junho, 2020

Guia da Startup agora é Gyaco / Guia da Startup now is Gyaco

Português Guia da Startup foi um blog que criei em 2012 quando eu estava escrevendo o meu primeiro livro. Eu trouxe todo o conteúdo para esse […]
25 de julho, 2018

Fail fast vs learn fast

I recently attended a 2 day MIT course on how to create high velocity organizations. The course was taught by Professor Steven J. Spear, author of “The […]
27 de maio, 2018

Digital or traditional

When I wrote about what is a software product, I mentioned different ways we can categorize software products. In order to categorize a software product we can […]
3 de outubro, 2017

What is a product roadmap?

Roadmap is a very useful tool for product managers. It enables us to plan and communicate the view of the future that you have for your […]
5 de setembro, 2017

How to react to the feedback you get from your users?

You discovered a problem of a group of people, and deeply understood this problem and its context. You discovered what motivates people to solve it, and […]
1 de agosto, 2017

Innovation: Next steps

This is the last article of a series on innovation. Here’s the list of my previous articles on the topic in case you missed or want […]
30 de maio, 2017

Innovation: a lot of opportunities

It is likely that, after focusing on the problem and understanding the job to be done, as described in the previous articles, you will find not only one but […]
23 de maio, 2017

Innovation: the job to be done

Professor Clayton Christensen teaches at Harvard and wrote several books – amongst them The Innovator’s Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail (Management of Innovation […]