My new mission: to defeat inactivity

I’ve always enjoyed talking to people from different companies to get to know other contexts and the different problems they face. It is an opportunity to share what I’ve been learning over the years about software development management and to learn new ways to see things, as I explained in this article. I’ve been advising and mentoring – pro-bono and paid – for more than 8 years. When I returned to São Paulo in August I intensified my advisory conversations and talked with many interesting companies who are working to solve diverse and important problems.

One of these companies is Gympass, whose purpose is to defeat inactivity, one of the most serious problems of our age. Who haven’t heard the phrase that “sitting is the new smoking”? According to WHO Global Health Risk Report, 3.2 million people die every year due to physical inactivity. It’s the 4th leading risk factor for global mortality.

Gympass has offices and serves customers in 15 countries providing companies with a unique benefit they can offer their employees: access to more 38,000 gyms and studios in 6,280 cities around the world. As Jana taught me, this is a karma free business model, since it’s not replacing anyone and it’s not pushing customers to buy anything they don’t want or that may harm them. It delivers benefits to all users, companies and gyms.

During my advisory conversations with Gympass, we built their product vision:

With this product vision in hands, it is now clear the need to build a world class product development team to execute it. For this reason I accepted their invitation to join them and help them build this team to evolve their product so Gympass can continue in its mission to defeat inactivity.

I’m pretty sure I’ll learn a lot in this new journey!

And we are hiring! 

  • We are Brazilian!
  • We are global!
  • We are karma free!

Come join us:

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