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I have been recommending Joca to Brazilian tech companies for many years now.

He has a deep understanding of how strong product companies work, and he has the interpersonal skills necessary to work effectively with people at every level of the company.

Marty CagaN – Partner @ Silicon Valley Product Group

Since Joca joined Inteligov’s Advisory Board, our product area has taken an impressive leap in quality.

We went from a a feature factory to an area that understands the customer and manages to deliver and evolve what is most needed by each of them. Not to mention all the energy that comes from working with Joca – whether as a partner at all hours for the entrepreneur or inspiration for the Product team, he is someone you can always count on.

raphael caldas – ceo e founder @ inteligov

Joca is one of the people who taught me the most about Product Management

He managed to show me in practice which metrics should be applied to the different situations we discussed during the entire mentorship I had with him, Joca is an excellent mentor that I admire a lot.

Fernando Santos – Co-founder @ Conta Simples

Joca Torres’ mentorship raised, in a short time, my vision of how a Head of Digital Products can leverage his team…

…through simple practices, as well as broadening the horizons of my work, highlighting opportunities in my work that previously went unnoticed.

I noticed a significant improvement in my performance after this period, which was reflected in the results of our team.

Guilherme Kurten – Head of Digital Products @ Fluency Academy

Being able to learn closely with Joca is something unique!

What makes the experience incredible is the combination of two characteristics that are Joca himself: Experience and the ability to communicate with mastery. I’m sure that the more I “walk” with him the greater the probability of hitting the product career.


Just passing by to thank you for all the knowledge you passed on to me.

It was much better than taking a course, I developed a lot in the product area and as a professional.

rafael laganaro – founder & cpto @ goomer

His mentorship has been of great value to my professional development.

It was a great privilege to have the opportunity to mentor Joca. From day one, he was able to simplify the product development challenge in an agile way, connecting timeless concepts and offering very pragmatic analysis and critique. Your mentorship has been of great value to my professional evolution and I am very grateful for your partnership.

Milton Stiilpen Jr – research & innovation director @ Blip

Everyone, wherever I go, knows you and refers to you in your speeches or texts.

I’ve already involved you in a corporate event on 2 occasions, or rather, in the last 2 companies I’ve been to recently with the challenge of digital transformation.

The idea of calling you basically consisted of the recognition you have in the Products discipline, by the “Productors”. Everyone, wherever I go, knows you and refers to you in your speeches or texts, so when it comes to digital transformation and the initiation of a process of adopting agile methods and processes, nothing better than opening the challenge with an event, bringing the JOCA TORRES to talk about what he is a national reference.

You can be sure that whenever I find myself in similar challenges, your name will be at the top of my list!!

Joca is a reference in agile products. Extensive theoretical and practical experience. The best part of his lectures and conversations with Tech and Product teams is that in his speech, right after the theory, there are practical, real examples and cases with data and facts. This makes the difference and makes the content even richer and more reliable. In Brazil, in my opinion and that of many others I know, it is number 1.

Adriano Maskalenkas – Innovation & New Business Manager @ PIXEON

You in-company talk at PicPay was very rich!

Thanks for the excellent chat! Time Bills team @ PicPay LOVED IT! 💚

Gisele Cavalheiro – Bills & Financial Management @ PicPay

The workshop is very dynamic, with real examples from Joca’s career.

I sought out Joaquim Torres’s Vision Creation and Product Strategy workshop in order to recycle my knowledge and expand my perception of what to consider when creating this information.

The workshop is very dynamic, with real examples from Joca’s career and this helps a lot to understand how the same concept adapts to different realities.

I highlight two points that were very positive, in my view: the organization of the sessions, with well-defined moments of content and debates, optimizing the agenda, and the challenge of preparing and presenting the Vision and Strategy of a real product, together with colleagues from class. All this, added to Joca’s didactics, made the workshop exceed my expectations.

GISELI ANVERSA – Group Product Manager @ ANYMARKET

Joca is a unique leader, who manages to build a shared vision among people and lead in a single direction.

Working with Joca, I had the opportunity to participate in the most collaborative teams I participated.

At ContaAzul, Joca was able to build a simple but powerful product vision, which put the product development team on track with more than 120 professionals and allowed us to start a completely new cycle in the company.

Joca is Definitely a world-class professional.

Anderson Borges – CTO @ ZAK

The partnership with Joca for the development of products and product culture at Fortbrasil has been very fruitful.

At Joca I find an objective, pragmatic tutor, who at the same time is calm and wise in polishing the most basic concepts, so that everyone is on the same page, and thus can better absorb the teachings transmitted. In the last year we evolved a lot, we strengthened the team, we gained maturity and Joca has been fundamental in this process, helping us to learn faster, to make less mistakes and always available to discuss our doubts and dilemmas.

josé pires neto – direCtor @ fortbrasil

It is a privilege to have him as our mentor!

You are an inspiration and reference to the community! It is a privilege to have him as our mentor! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

letícia ferreira – Head OF Produtos @ FortBrasil

Thank you for always sharing knowledge with the community!

It’s hard to find someone who speaks as accessiblely about product and strategy as Marty Cagan. You are one of those people here in Brazil, Joaquim Torres (Joca). I’m watching your classes in the Product Leadership course at Cursos PM3. Thank you for always sharing knowledge with the community!

Murilo Moraes – Sr. Product Manager @ A55

Essential to start the transformation at CrediPronto.

Thank you very much for everything Joaquim Torres (Joca)! Sharing knowledge with us was essential to start the transformation at CrediPronto.

Eugenio Bustamante JR – CEO @ CrediPronto

Joaquim Torres (Joca) helped me a lot with the advisory sessions.

Joaquim Torres (Joca) helped me a lot with his books, he helped the company and I again with the advisory sessions… I recommend him, he knows a lot.

Ezequiel Inácio Santos – Group Product Manager e OKR Master @ Medprev

I strongly recommend Joca’s mentorship.

The sessions were very enlightening. I was very impressed with her listening skills and ability to understand the context of a conversation. With his corporate experience and strategic vision of the product and business, he gave me guidelines, in a practical and assertive way. With him I was able to confirm practices and knowledge that I already used, but I had doubts, as well as acquiring new practices and ways of creating visions. I strongly recommend Joca’s mentorship. Through a practical perspective, throughout the sessions, he teaches exercises that are easy to apply but with a significant impact that have made a difference in my career.
I just have to thank you for the help so far!

Carla Tonicelo – Head of Product @ Reworth