Advisory services

I help companies extract more value and results from their digital product. You can know more about me on Linkedin.

I’ve been helping my clients with:

  • Building, communicating and executing their product vision and strategy.
  • Defining and implementing a team structure to execute the strategy.
  • Defining objectives and implementing OKRs to help achieve these objectives.
  • Defining, implementing, and managing product development processes.
  • Implementing a product culture focused on result delivery instead of a feature factory.

Available service models:

  • Coach/Advisor: In this case, I have monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly meetings with the company’s head of product to discuss product development topics (process, people, culture) and help this person and the company improve their product development process to generate better results faster. In some cases, it may make sense to include other people in these discussions such as the CEO, head of technology, head of design, and head of marketing. I’m also available to join and comment on specific meetings like OKRs, All-hands, Showcase, Leadership meetings, etc., and to interview finalists for the head of product and head of technology positions. Some of the companies I provide this service are WeDoc, James Delivery, MaxMilhas, ClickBus, Vindi, Banco Digio, MedPrev, Goomer, LogComex, Aurum, Caelum, MeuTudo, Veloe, Conta Simples, BakeryTech, Fix, Atlas Technologies, Fluency Academy, Matera, among others.

Contact information

If you believe my experience can be useful to you and your company, please contact me through email or WhatsApp, and we can discuss if and how I can be useful.