I provide advisory services to help you and your company increase the chances of success of your digital product.

My name is Joaquim Torres (Joca). I’m a computer engineer and I’ve been working with digital products for almost 30 years.

These are some of the product management topics we can talk about:

  • Deciding what product to launch.
  • How to develop this new product.
  • How to launch this new product.
  • Building a product vision.
  • Defining a product strategy.
  • Organizing your product development team.
  • Diversifying your product portfolio.
  • Managing your product portfolio.
  • Defining the pricing.
  • Taking end-of-life decisions.

I’ve been using my almost 30 years of experience to help companies with their digital product development strategies. Check out some of the companies I’ve helped.

You can know more about me on Linkedin.

You can contact me through email or WhatsApp.

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  1. Joca, adoro os seus Posts, só um pedido. Coloca certificado SSL como obrigatório no seu site pelo amor de deus, um plugin como o SimpleSSL para WordPress já da conta do recado.

    abraços meu amigo

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