Feature Team vs Product Team

I’ve already written about the difference between solution-implementing teams and problem-solving teams. I’ve also written about the #1 responsibility of a product manager, which is to deliver results as fast as possible.

However, as these are very important topics for any product person, for any product team, and for any company that has or wants to have product teams, I decided to prepare a table to clarify the differences between feature teams and product teams:

Differences between feature teams and product teams (click to enlarge)

So, what do you think? Is there any other feature that should be on this table?

In the article Why “business demands => technology implements” doesn’t work it is clear that Feature Teams will not generate the best results. To succeed in using technology to generate results for the company and for customers, we must have Product Teams.

What to do if you are in a company with a Feature Team? Is it possible to transition to Product Team? How to make this transition? That will be the topic of my next article!

Summing up

  • There are clear differences between a Feature Team and a Product Team. The differences are not only in the definition of what they are, but also in the role of the product manager, in the way prioritization is done, and in the main deliverables.

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