I provide advisory services to help you and your company increase the chances of success of your digital product.

My name is Joaquim Torres (Joca)

I’m a computer engineer, and I’ve been working with digital products for more than 30 years. Most recently, I led Lopes Consultoria de Imóveis digital transformation as CDO (Chief Digital Officer). Lopes is the biggest real estate brokerage in Brazil. Before that, I was General Manager of Gympass Wellness, Gympass’s new wellness service offering. Gympass is a corporate wellbeing benefit that companies offer to access 50k+ gyms and studios in 10 countries.

Previously, I was CPO at Gympass, Conta Azul, an ERP for SMBs, and Locaweb, the biggest internet company in Brazil. I started my career building my first startup in 1992, a BBS that became one of Brazil’s first internet access and service providers. I’m also the author of 3 books on digital product management.

These are some of the product management topics we can talk about:

  • Deciding what product to launch.
  • How to develop this new product.
  • How to launch this new product.
  • Building a product vision.
  • Defining a product strategy.
  • Organizing your product development team.
  • Diversifying your product portfolio.
  • Managing your product portfolio.
  • Defining the pricing.
  • Taking end-of-life decisions.

I’ve been using my 30+ years of experience to help companies with their digital product development strategies. Check out some of the companies I’ve helped.

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