22 de August, 2023

Solution discovery, where the innovation magic happens

I’ve already written a few articles about solution discovery: Discovery has two sides, problem discovery, which is when we understand the problem we want to solve, […]
8 de August, 2023

Productizing exceptions

If you have a B2B product focused on bigger customers, the product manager must pay full attention to special requests. There are few customers, but all […]
19 de July, 2023

Product granularity and feature teams

I have already received the question more than once about “What is a product?” and “What is the granularity of a product?”. For example, can the […]
4 de July, 2023

Airbnb and the “end” of the product managers

On the 21st and 22nd of June, the Config conference, by the company Figma, whose main product is a collaborative interaction design tool, took place in […]
27 de June, 2023

New product: Continuing In-company Education

It’s been a year since I started dedicating myself full-time to helping people and companies connect business and technology through consulting and training in product management […]
13 de June, 2023

Team dependencies

This is a theme that comes up quite often in conversations with my consulting clients. How to resolve dependencies between teams? When we organize teams into […]
5 de June, 2023

Could a tech company need digital transformation?

Short answer is YES! The fact that a company is a technology company, that is, a company whose product is the software or technology developed by […]
31 de May, 2023

The IT problem

I have talked to some people lately about IT departments and how they seem disconnected from the companies they belong to, often being very reactive to […]
24 de May, 2023

What if we stop treating software development as a project?

When we treat software development as a project, we are giving it a start and an end, since all projects have clearly defined starts and ends. […]