11 de June, 2024

The Famous Product Discovery

Anyone who has had contact with product development teams must have already come across the term discovery. It is very common for people who are new […]
3 de June, 2024

2 new products: assessment and product vision

I’m super excited to start offering two new Gyaco consulting products. Some customers have tested and validated these products and have given great feedback, so I […]
26 de May, 2024

The biases of the Agile Manifesto and Agility

The Agile Manifesto, published in February 2001, is 23 years old. It was essential for changing the way we make software. It was created and signed […]
21 de May, 2024

Focus on the problem

It is human nature to solve problems. Whenever we hear about problems, we almost immediately switch to problem-solving mode: searching for solutions. However, suppose we first […]
14 de May, 2024

Case study: Itaú Unibanco

The next case study on deliver early and often comes from Itaú Unibanco, one of the largest financial institutions in Latin America. The group, in operation […]
9 de May, 2024

Continuing Education Program New instructors

After 9 months offering Gyaco’s Continuing Education Program in Product Management and receiving excellent feedback from clients such as Aurum, EY, Itaú, and Núclea, I realized the […]
6 de May, 2024

Discovery is not a process, part 2

I have already explained that discovery is not a process; it’s a set of tools to help us mitigate product development risks. In addition to this […]
30 de April, 2024

Case study: Dasa Group

As the largest integrated healthcare network in Brazil, serving patients from end to end, from diagnosis to high complexity, Dasa currently employs over 50,000 dedicated professionals […]
23 de April, 2024

Using product mindset in services, or is it the other way around?

With this article, I open a new topic I want to address here: the topic of my “new” startup, Gyaco. I put the word new in […]