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3 months ago I announced that I was ending my full-time executive role leading Lopes’s digital transformation efforts, and I was still figuring out my focus moving forward.

I’m very fortunate to have had an amazing journey, full of learning experiences. I started my career in 1992 leading my own startup, a BBS that became one of Brazil’s first internet access providers. After that, I had the honor and privilege of leading amazing product development teams at Locaweb, Conta Azul, Gympass, and, most recently, Lopes. From pure tech companies, where the product developed by the product development team was the main product sold by the company (my own startup, Locaweb, and Conta Azul) to companies where the main product was not technology (Gympass and Lopes). 30+ years of operational experience in digital product development and management.

I’ve been sharing this experience and learnings in books, talks, coaching, and advisory sessions for more than 12 years as a side hustle. Due to the pandemic and the increasing virtual meeting culture, I was able to help more people and companies with my side hustle and I realized I really enjoyed doing this. For this reason, I decided to turn my side hustle into my full-time occupation:

I’m now a full-time coach and advisor on digital product development and management.

I decided to help more people and companies to bridge the gap between business and technology through education, coaching, and advisory services on digital product development and management.

I do this through in-company talks and training, coaching and advisory sessions for product leaders as well as being part of advisory boards, as described in detail on my Advisory Services page.

New public training

To celebrate this decision, I’m launching my very first public training, to help product leaders create vision and strategy for their products.

Without the clarity of a product vision and strategy, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to manage a product. How do you decide where to put your focus and energy? What to leave for later? How to show stakeholders what you intend to do with the product? How to have arguments to say no to requests for new features in your product?

In this training you will have everything you need to create your digital product vision and strategy:

  • Concepts and tools: In the first two days you will learn about several important topics to help you create your product vision and strategy. Maybe you know some of these concepts, but it’s always good to review before getting your hands dirty! I will also share the tools I use to create product vision and strategy.
  • Hands-on: You will have a week to prepare the first version of your product vision and strategy. After this one week, we will have two days for you to present your product vision and strategy for participant comments and insights.
  • One-on-one mentoring: You can then schedule a one-on-one mentoring time with me to talk about your product vision and strategy, as well as any other digital product management and development topics.

Attention: the class is limited to a small group people in order to encourage everyone’s participation, especially in the practical part of presenting the visions and strategies of each participant’s products.

The class will be in Portuguese. If you don’t speak Portuguese, please let me know and, if there’s interest, I’ll schedule a session in English.

Digital product education, coaching and advisory

I’ve been helping companies bridge the gap between business and technology through education, coaching, and advisory services on digital product development and management. Check here how I can help you and your company.


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Digital Product Management Books

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