Consulting services

I help companies get more value and results from their digital products.

I’ve been helping my clients with:

  • Diagnosis of the company's vision, strategy, structure, and product culture.
  • Action plan aiming to improve the aspects that have been diagnosed as having room for improvement.
  • Building, communicating, and executing the product vision and strategy.
  • Defining and implementing a team structure to execute the strategy.
  • Defining objectives and implementing OKRs to help achieve these objectives.
  • Defining, implementing, and managing product development processes.
  • Implementing a product culture focused on result delivery instead of a feature factory.

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Available service models:

Product assessment:

Product assessment aims to identify how product management concepts, principles, and tools are used in the company. In this diagnosis, we will talk to leaders and key people in the organization.

Depending on the number of people we talk to, it usually lasts 1 to 2 months. At the end of this diagnosis, we will present the current status as well as recommendations for the next steps.

Product vision and strategy:

Product vision is nothing more than what the product will be like in the future. Defining, communicating, and reviewing the product vision is the most important responsibility of a person leading a product development team. Without the product vision, working on any other topic is very difficult. Once you have the product vision, the next step is to build the product strategy, which defines the path to be followed to reach the product vision.

There are two possible models for this work to be done:

  • head of product does it, we support it: in this model, we provide the necessary training and mentoring so that the head of product can build the product vision and strategy.
  • we do it, head of product supports it: in this model, we do the vision creation work and facilitate strategy sessions with support from the head of product.


Monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly meetings with the company's product leader (head of product, head of technology, tech founder) to discuss product development topics (process, people, culture) and help that person and the company improve their performance product development process to generate better results faster. In some cases, it may make sense to include other people in these discussions, such as the CEO, head of technology, head of design, and head of marketing. I am also available to participate and comment on specific meetings, such as OKRs meetings, All-hands, Showcase, leadership meetings, etc., and interview finalists for the positions of head of product and head of technology.

Interim CPO:

In this type of engagement, I assume leadership of the product development teams on an interim basis. I start with a diagnosis based on interviews with people from the product development team and other areas to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the product development team in terms of people, processes and culture. I then design a plan to improve weaknesses and take advantage of opportunities. During the execution of the plan, I will participate in some of the team and company dynamics and ceremonies. If there is already a person playing this role as leader of the product development team, I will pair them with that person so that they can improve their skills. On the other hand, if there is no such person, one of my objectives will be to find a person (internal or in the market) who can assume this leadership.

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If you believe my experience can be useful to you and your company, please contact me through email or WhatsApp, and we can discuss how I can help.