My learnings became 3 books:

Leading Product Development: The art and science of leading digital products

Whatever the road that got you into the possibility of filling a head of product position, either by you considering this your next career move or by you having the task to find someone to fill this position, it is important to have clear what are the main responsibilities of this role.

Product Management: How to increase the chances of success of your digital product

All companies now have some sort of digital product, but managing a digital product can be quite challenging. How is it possible to ensure that the digital product being developed meets the objectives of its owner while it also meets the needs of its users? This is the role of product management.

Startup Guide: How startups and established companies can create profitable digital products

Learn the best techniques for creating your digital product and make it profitable as quickly as possible with the Startup Guide. Just as many successful companies, such as Gympass, Conta Azul, Locaweb, Caelum, and others who invested in their ideas and created successful digital products.

My books are also available in Portuguese.