18 de October, 2022

Should we have a dedicated bug fixing team?

Similar to the question about the dedicated innovation team, this is another question I’ve been receiving a lot in my coaching sessions, so its answer may […]
15 de June, 2021

Measuring and managing productivity

How can we deliver faster? How can we deliver more with the same team? Why do we have the impression that the team is slow? When […]
15 de February, 2021

Measuring and managing quality

In 2015, we decided to extinguish the Quality Assurance (QA) function of our Locaweb product development team. We had 12 QAs, some with a developer profile […]
21 de July, 2020

QA or no QA? That’s NOT the right question…

Back in 2016, I wrote an article about the reasons that motivated us at Locaweb to extinguish the QA function in our product development team. At […]
2 de December, 2019

The relationship between product engineering and product management

How should the product manager relate to different areas of the company? Engineering, UX, product marketing, project management, operations, sales, legal, finance, customer service, human resources, […]
20 de June, 2017

We can’t stand it, we need to rewrite everything…

This article was originally published in Portuguese in June 2017. I have heard this phrase several times throughout my career. Software developers know that invariably comes a moment […]
23 de August, 2016

Quadrupling software development productivity without increasing team size and without quality loss

I wrote some time ago an article about how to organize product development teams and about some changes we made ​​in the software development teams at Locaweb. Since last year […]
13 de April, 2008

What's the ideal sprint length?

That’s a tough question. You will be able to find sprint length recommendations ranging from 1 week to 2 months. The ideal length depends on: Overall […]
8 de March, 2008

The rewrite syndrome

It’s not unusual to hear the phrase “stop, we need to rewrite this” at some point in a project. There are even entire projects dedicated to […]