17 de August, 2021

Summing up

In this chapter, I have transcribed the Summing up sections of all chapters in order to create a quick reference guide on all topics discussed in […]
15 de June, 2021

Measuring and managing productivity

How can we deliver faster? How can we deliver more with the same team? Why do we have the impression that the team is slow? When […]
22 de March, 2021


In this chapter, I’m going to talk about the ceremonies I usually use with the teams I lead. These ceremonies with different stakeholders aim at planning, […]
15 de March, 2021

Feedback and performance evaluation

One of the main tools for the development of the people on your team is feedback. This word is an English term that originally means a […]
9 de March, 2021

Hire the right people

As I mentioned in the chapter “People: priority # 1, always” we spend money and energy to attract, hire and retain the best people. Having people […]
2 de March, 2021


As I commented in the chapter Roles, responsibilities and seniority, expectations management is something that occupies between 50 to 80% of the time of a head […]
23 de February, 2021


By now you should have realized how much I like metrics. In my first book, Startup Guide: how startups and established companies can create profitable digital […]
15 de February, 2021

Measuring and managing quality

In 2015, we decided to extinguish the Quality Assurance (QA) function of our Locaweb product development team. We had 12 QAs, some with a developer profile […]
2 de February, 2021

Vision, strategy, objectives, and team structure

This is the beginning of Part III of the book, about Tools, I’ll talk about the tools I’ve been using in my almost 30 years of […]