Advisory services

I help companies succeed in the digital era by guiding them to create and manage successful digital products that connect their strategic objectives with the problems and needs of their customers.

I’ve been helping my clients with:

  • Building, communicating and executing their product vision and strategy
  • Define and implement a team structure to execute the strategy
  • Defining objectives and implements OKRs to help achieve these objectives
  • Define and implement product development processes
  • Implement a product culture focused on result delivery instead of feature factory

I’ve been using my almost 30 years of experience to help companies with their digital product development strategies. Some of the companies I’ve helped and continue to help:

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You can contact me through email or WhatsApp.

Talks and workshops

To help spread my digital product management learning, I give presentations about the following topics:

  • What is product management
  • Leadership tips for the product manager
  • The 4 life stages of a product
    • How to recognize?
    • What to do?
  • Relationship between product management and other areas of the company (Engineering, UX, Sales, Marketing, Legal, Finance, Customer Support, Operations, HR)
  • Difference between product management and project management
  • Difference between product management and product marketing
  • Diversification vs focus
  • How to manage a product portfolio
  • What kind of company needs software product management
  • The role and responsibilities of a Head/VP of Product
  • Creating product vision and strategy
  • How to organize your product development team

These presentations can range from 15-minutes talks to 8-hour workshops. Can be online or face-to-face. In the workshops, besides talking about some of the topics above, I also coordinate some practical exercises to help people get hands-on experience with some product management tools and practices.

These presentations are offered either publicly in major events or in-company. The in-company model enables several people from your company to participate, thus helping to equalize knowledge about digital product management and development.

If you are interested, please contact me through email or WhatsApp.