26 de May, 2024

The biases of the Agile Manifesto and Agility

The Agile Manifesto, published in February 2001, is 23 years old. It was essential for changing the way we make software. It was created and signed […]
21 de May, 2024

Focus on the problem

It is human nature to solve problems. Whenever we hear about problems, we almost immediately switch to problem-solving mode: searching for solutions. However, suppose we first […]
14 de May, 2024

Case study: Itaú Unibanco

The next case study on deliver early and often comes from Itaú Unibanco, one of the largest financial institutions in Latin America. The group, in operation […]
6 de May, 2024

Discovery is not a process, part 2

I have already explained that discovery is not a process; it’s a set of tools to help us mitigate product development risks. In addition to this […]
19 de February, 2024

Uncertainty and digital transformation

This article is another excerpt from my newest book “Digital transformation and product culture: How to put technology at the center of your company’s strategy“, which […]
17 de November, 2023

New book: Digital transformation and product culture

My new book is written (in Portuguese) and Casa do Código, the editor, confirmed that it will be available for order on Nov 24th! 🙌 The […]
5 de June, 2023

Could a tech company need digital transformation?

Short answer is YES! The fact that a company is a technology company, that is, a company whose product is the software or technology developed by […]
31 de May, 2023

The IT problem

I have talked to some people lately about IT departments and how they seem disconnected from the companies they belong to, often being very reactive to […]
8 de May, 2023

The 4 principles of successful product development

As I already mentioned here, I am writing my 4th book, and I would love to read your comments and opinion on a very central theme […]