19 de February, 2024

Uncertainty and digital transformation

This article is another excerpt from my newest book “Digital transformation and product culture: How to put technology at the center of your company’s strategy“, which […]
17 de November, 2023

New book: Digital transformation and product culture

My new book is written (in Portuguese) and Casa do Código, the editor, confirmed that it will be available for order on Nov 24th! 🙌 The […]
5 de June, 2023

Could a tech company need digital transformation?

Short answer is YES! The fact that a company is a technology company, that is, a company whose product is the software or technology developed by […]
31 de May, 2023

The IT problem

I have talked to some people lately about IT departments and how they seem disconnected from the companies they belong to, often being very reactive to […]
8 de May, 2023

The 4 principles of successful product development

As I already mentioned here, I am writing my 4th book, and I would love to read your comments and opinion on a very central theme […]
3 de May, 2022

Product Manager’s #1 priority

In my recent articles, I’ve been discussing why “business demands => technology implements” doesn’t work, why business people hate discovery and I’ve introduced the concept of […]
15 de January, 2022

Why individual bonuses don’t work for product teams?

It is fairly common for the CTO or CPO to receive a request from the CEO to create some sort of individual bonus for the product […]
8 de November, 2021

Let’s remove the product from the center?

I have been working with digital products for over 30 years. I graduated in computer engineering at ITA in the early 1990s and since then I […]
25 de October, 2021

2 hacks to foster your digital product culture

I led product development at Gympass for almost 1.5 years. Prior to Gympass I always worked in companies where technology was the main product of the […]