9 de July, 2024

Digging up

I was organizing my content and found some very interesting things, and now I have 3 very exciting news today! Spotify I realized I have participated […]
1 de April, 2024

Deliver early and often

Principles In this part of the book, I will talk about digital product culture and I will present four fundamental principles that should guide the team […]
26 de February, 2024

Types of company

This article is another excerpt from my newest book “Digital transformation and product culture: How to put technology at the center of your company’s strategy“, which […]
16 de January, 2024

Artificial Intelligence and Product Management

I have frequently received questions about the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the product management function. I’ve even heard concerns about whether AI will replace […]
2 de January, 2024

Product management 2023 retrospective and 2024 outlook

2023 was a difficult year for technology companies and, consequently, for product development teams with people from engineering, design, and product management. Due to the challenging […]
17 de November, 2023

New book: Digital transformation and product culture

My new book is written (in Portuguese) and Casa do Código, the editor, confirmed that it will be available for order on Nov 24th! 🙌 The […]
3 de October, 2023

Is there any situation where product discovery is not necessary?

I haven’t written for some time. The reason is that I am working with a client in a more hands-on way, which I call interim CPO, […]
19 de July, 2023

Product granularity and feature teams

I have already received the question more than once about “What is a product?” and “What is the granularity of a product?”. For example, can the […]
4 de July, 2023

Airbnb and the “end” of the product managers

On the 21st and 22nd of June, the Config conference, by the company Figma, whose main product is a collaborative interaction design tool, took place in […]