7 de March, 2023

Principles before tools and frameworks

It is common to hear comments from people who are getting to know about digital product management and development and even those who have been working […]
1 de March, 2023

Focus or diversification?

Okay, I convinced you that those who do not diversify can get into a difficult situation, because a single product company ends up dying sooner or […]
22 de February, 2023

How to manage a product portfolio?

In my previous two articles, I explained why a company should worry about having more than one product and how a software product company can diversify its portfolio. In […]
10 de August, 2022

Engineering and product management

How should the product manager relate to different areas of the company? Engineering, UX, product marketing, project management, operations, sales, legal, finance, customer service, human resources, […]