16 de January, 2024

Artificial Intelligence and Product Management

I have frequently received questions about the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the product management function. I’ve even heard concerns about whether AI will replace […]
2 de January, 2024

Product management 2023 retrospective and 2024 outlook

2023 was a difficult year for technology companies and, consequently, for product development teams with people from engineering, design, and product management. Due to the challenging […]
17 de November, 2023

New book: Digital transformation and product culture

My new book is written (in Portuguese) and Casa do Código, the editor, confirmed that it will be available for order on Nov 24th! 🙌 The […]
3 de October, 2023

Is there any situation where product discovery is not necessary?

I haven’t written for some time. The reason is that I am working with a client in a more hands-on way, which I call interim CPO, […]
19 de July, 2023

Product granularity and feature teams

I have already received the question more than once about “What is a product?” and “What is the granularity of a product?”. For example, can the […]
4 de July, 2023

Airbnb and the “end” of the product managers

On the 21st and 22nd of June, the Config conference, by the company Figma, whose main product is a collaborative interaction design tool, took place in […]
13 de June, 2023

Team dependencies

This is a theme that comes up quite often in conversations with my consulting clients. How to resolve dependencies between teams? When we organize teams into […]
31 de May, 2023

The IT problem

I have talked to some people lately about IT departments and how they seem disconnected from the companies they belong to, often being very reactive to […]
7 de March, 2023

Principles before tools and frameworks

It is common to hear comments from people who are getting to know about digital product management and development and even those who have been working […]