21 de March, 2023

How to increase productivity?

In the last few weeks, 3 of my clients have asked about how to increase the productivity of their product development teams. Interestingly, this is the […]
29 de November, 2022

How to turn a feature team into a product team?

After reading my last article on the differences between a feature team and a product team, one may realize how valuable a product team is and […]
22 de November, 2022

Feature Team vs Product Team

I’ve already written about the difference between solution-implementing teams and problem-solving teams. I’ve also written about the #1 responsibility of a product manager, which is to […]
4 de October, 2022

Only 7% of companies have digitally savvy leadership

That’s one of the findings of a study done by MIT Sloan researchers from CISR (Center for Information Systems Research) and published in the Spring 2021 […]
20 de September, 2022

How to measure a company’s digital maturity?

In my last article, I discussed the digital maturity of a company, which means how much the company has been investing in digital products to potentialize […]
13 de September, 2022

Type of company vs digital maturity

When I described what is a product, I also described the 3 types of companies that can own digital products and the impact of the type […]
23 de August, 2022

3 digital transformation lessons from Disney

Q2 2022 results from Netflix and Disney showed Disney with more streaming subscribers than Netflix. The chart below shows how the numbers evolved until this amazing […]