21 de March, 2023

How to increase productivity?

In the last few weeks, 3 of my clients have asked about how to increase the productivity of their product development teams. Interestingly, this is the […]
25 de February, 2023

Layoffs and the half full glass

I have seen articles and posts commenting on the mass layoffs (layoffs) happening in technology companies and how this has affected the technology market and the […]
13 de February, 2023

How to diversify your product portfolio?

In the previous chapter, I discussed why companies should diversify their product portfolio. Now, I will show you how to do this. New Markets The first […]
7 de February, 2023

Product Portfolio Management

Why do some companies decide to have more than one product? How do they manage this product portfolio? Why do other companies prefer to focus on […]
31 de January, 2023

Does the shoemaker’s son always go barefoot?

This is an expression that we normally say when the family of a skilled or knowledgeable person is often the last to benefit from her expertise. […]
24 de January, 2023

Downsizing and layoffs

During my 30+ years leading teams in technology companies, I have seen and felt the effects of some crises and recessions. According to Wikipedia, since 1990, […]
27 de December, 2022

Defining Responsibilities

In the chapter What is the difference between product marketing and product management? I commented on how marketing 4Ps (Product, Price, Promotion, and Place) are distributed […]
20 de December, 2022

The main reason why products fail

If we search on Google for reasons why tech products fail, we will find many articles with many possible reasons explaining product failures. From 3 of […]
13 de December, 2022

Relationship between product management and the other areas

In previous chapters, I discussed the relationship between the product manager and engineering, UX, product marketing, and project management. The question that remains is: what about […]