5 de June, 2023

Could a tech company need digital transformation?

Short answer is YES! The fact that a company is a technology company, that is, a company whose product is the software or technology developed by […]
31 de May, 2023

The IT problem

I have talked to some people lately about IT departments and how they seem disconnected from the companies they belong to, often being very reactive to […]
17 de May, 2023

Talk about sales and product

This week’s article is a video. I was invited by Ricardo Okino, co-founder of Escola Exchange and one of the best sales team leaders I know, […]
8 de May, 2023

The 4 principles of successful product development

As I already mentioned here, I am writing my 4th book, and I would love to read your comments and opinion on a very central theme […]
1 de May, 2023

Layoffs and free coaching (month 2)

At the end of last month, I did an analysis of the layoffs that are happening in technology companies and offered free coaching sessions for those […]
25 de April, 2023

What kind of company needs a product manager?

When we think about the product management function, we always imagine it being exercised in a company whose main business is software offered via the Internet, […]
18 de April, 2023

Visiontype, a day in the life of your user

I’ve already mentioned in previous articles what is and how to create a product vision. By the way, this is the topic of my workshop on […]
11 de April, 2023

Agile culture, digital culture and product culture

Here’s another chapter of the book that I’m writing on Digital Transformation. To increase the chance of success of a digital transformation, it is necessary to […]
2 de April, 2023

Layoffs and free coaching

I have already written about the process of analyzing and planning a layoff and also about how to see a layoff with a glass-half-full eye. I […]